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Our Budom Clinic Coordinator Dr. Kağan Güngör, both our Dietician and Psychologist Burcu Negizsoy Tutor, we are just a phone call away from you.

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Sleeve Gastrectomy

While the name "gastrectomy with vertical sleeve" was used in the first years of its use, it is now only referred to as a gastric cuff.

ROUX-EN-Y Gastric

The goal of obesity treatment is to safely reduce obesity with the fewest complications, control comorbid problems, and maintain weight loss over a long period of time.

Mini Gastric Bypass

According to the WHO (World Health Organization); Obesity is defined as abnormal or excessive accumulation of adipose tissue that poses a health risk.

SADI-S Surgery

Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileal Bypass With Sleeve Gastrectmoy

Biliopancreatic Diversion

Bilio-pancreatic distraction; DR. Scopinaro first described a "safer" malabsorptive / malabsorptive alternative procedure to the jejuno-ileal bypass procedure in 1979. The biliopanckreatic diversion process basically causes a "controlled malabsorption".

Gastric Btx

In order for the muscles in our solutions to work, the nerves must transmit signals to our muscles. The connection of the signals sent by the nerves with the muscle is called the “nerve-muscle junction”.

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Bursa Diabetes And Obesity Surgery Clinic

Op. Dr. Ersun Topal

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    Who Is
    Op. Dr. Ersun Topal?

    Bursa Diabetes And Obesity Surgery Clinic

    With the diagnosis of morbid obesity in Bursa province in 2013-2014-2015. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (tube stomach), Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass and Laparoscopic SADI-S (tube gastric bypass) for more than 250 patients I successfully performed the surgery.

    Diabetes mellitus in the field of Bariatric and Metabolic surgery, especially in Bursa. I am the first General Surgery Specialist to perform SADI-S surgery on patients with diabetes mellitus and accompanying morbid obesity.

    Briefly About Me

    I finished my elementary and secondary education in the same city and graduated from Aydın High School in 1990. I graduated from Ankara University Medical Faculty in 1997. I have worked in Erzurum Province, Karaçoban District, and Aydın Province, Köşk District. After graduating from the Medical Faculty of Uludağ University in the General Surgery Department in 2002, I started working as a General Surgery Specialist in the Bursa Şevket Yılmaz State Hospital in 2007.

    My Career in Brief

    After the course “Laparoscopic bariatric surgery” in 2013 with the diagnosis of morbid obesity in the bursa in 2013-2014-2015, more than 160 patients underwent a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (gastrectomy), a laparoscopic mini gastric bypass and a laparoscopic SADI. S-operation (gastric tube bypass). In Bursa in particular, I am the first general surgery specialist in the field of bariatric and metabolic surgery to use SADI-S surgery on patients with diabetes (diabetes mellitus) and accompanying morbid obesity. At the same time, I am the General Surgery Extender who performed the first diabetes treatment method (diabetes) with a 95% success rate. This is the first treatment modality in Bursa Province to use a diverted sheath gastrectomy with ileal interposition and an undeflected sheath gastrectomy with ileal interposition. I received the Robotic Surgery Course, the Robotic Surgery Course that was held at the Cleveland Clinic in 2013. In 2014 I visited the Prof. Mehmet Görgün organized the course “Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass”. In January 2015 I took part in the seminar “Obesity Surgery Winter School” organized by TOSS.In December 2015 I attended the laparoscopic bariatric and metabolic surgery course at the Europion Institute for Telesurgery IRCAD Strasbourg. During my professional career I have more than 1500 closed (laparoscopic) surgical surgery experiences in the field of “Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery”.
    I wish you a healthy day.


    Healthy eating
    This is an Art. Bay Bay Obesity!

    Our Budom Clinic Coordinator Dr. Kağan Güngör, both our Dietitian and Psychologist Burcu Negizsoy Tutor, we can help you with just a phone call.

    With the pride of always presenting science and the world’s “highest quality staple technology” in the field of obesity surgery… Now it is your turn… You will be happy to meet with our experience, which I mean “Mr. Mr. Obesity”.

    6 Months Dietician Follow-up

    Quality Surgical Equipment

    10 Years of Surgical Experience

    +2000 Surgical Operations

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Bursa Diabetes And Obesity Surgery Clinic

    Why is it called morbid obesity when the body mass index exceeds 40?

    According to clinical studies, it has been found that people over 40 and over the BMI and people with normal BMI "live less" 12 to 20 years. From this point on, people shorten their life expectancy if the excess weight exceeds a certain level, that is, if the BMI is 40 and more. It is called "death obesity".

    My Body Mass Index is 40 and is it impossible for me to drop to "ideal weight" using non-surgical methods?

    In 1991 the American Health Institute (NIH) published the results of a study. Unfortunately, "Diet and Exercise" has a 2% chance of people with a BMI of 40 and above falling to their ideal weight. Therefore, with the exception of "surgical methods", people with morbid obesity are very, very little..

    Are obesity surgeries dangerous?

    A research result (meta-analysis) was published in March 2014 in Jama Surgery, one of the most renowned and respected medical journals in the world. According to the results of the study, which examined a total of 161,756 cases between 2003 and 2012 (the result of a meta-analysis with the highest number of cases worldwide), the "mortality rate in obesity surgery" is 0.08%.

    Can I get rid of my current comorbidities (high blood pressure, diabetes, diabetes mellitus, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, etc.) with obesity surgery?

    There is no "single method" in obesity surgery. Your doctor will recommend the most suitable obesity surgery method for you based on your comorbidities and dietary habits. You can also get rid of your comorbid illnesses (90-98%) after obesity surgery..

    How long can I reach my ideal weight after obesity surgery?

    There are no daily or weekly goals after obesity surgery. There are global goals for 12 months and 24 months after surgery. In the first 12 months after obesity surgery, 50-90% of your "excess weight" should be lost and in the 24th month it should fall to your ideal weight.

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