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You Should Be Afraid of Living Obese, Not Obesity Surgery!Op. Dr. Ersun Topal
Metabolic and Obesity Bariatric Surgery Specialist

10 Years + 2000 Surgical Operations
Briefly About Me

I finished my elementary and secondary education in the same city and graduated from Aydın High School in 1990. I graduated from Ankara University Medical Faculty in 1997. I have worked in Erzurum Province, Karaçoban District, and Aydın Province, Köşk District. After graduating from the Medical Faculty of Uludağ University in the General Surgery Department in 2002, I started working as a General Surgery Specialist in the Bursa Şevket Yılmaz State Hospital in 2007.

My Career in Brief

After my resignation, I started working at Doruk Health Group Hospitals in 2013, when I was a specialist in general surgery at “Bursa Şevket Yılmaz State Hospital” and carried out the MOST A GROUP OF SURGERY. I did my military service at the Ağrı Military Hospital and, as a medical ensign, I performed the first “laparoscopic appendectomy” in this hospital. In 2011 I successfully performed operations on laparoscopic inguinal hernias and laparoscopic abdominal wall hernias (incisional hernias and laparoscopic umbilical hernias) in more than 100 patients after the master class training “Laparoscopic abdominal wall repair and inguinal hernia”.

Op. Dr. Ersun Topal
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